Pirate Climber

Platform(s): iPhone
Release Date: 2009
by Web and Circus SA

Another game I worked on, as programmer, for Web & Circus. The game was created with the Unity 3D engine.

Enter our hero Chef, as he is known on the grand Pirate ship Mayhem. A simple man, with a large chefs hat and beard to match! Chef lives the quiet life of a pirate – every day grudgingly preparing delicious meals in the small galley. This day however is not so quiet for Chef, as he is thrust out of his tiny kitchen and into the big open wilderness to gather food and ingredients for his angry Captain and crew.

Lead Chef through 50 levels set in 5 riveting areas of climbing, jumping and collecting. Avoid or take out enemies. Complete Chef’s quest for the elusive ingredients required to make his signature dish, Crème of Glowing Skull Soup!

Failure of course, is a walk on the plank… Success is up to you! Adventure awaits me hearty.


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