Old Hobby Games

This page contains a history of the games I made dring 1996 till around 2004. These are games not many people have seen before or will ever get to since I made them for fun and only shared with a few friends when they where done. MultiMayhem is the exception and you might be able to find a copy if you search the webs. I might remake some fo them in the future.


A game of head-stomping mayhem. There is support for up to 6 players, either via multiplayer or selecting AI to fill slots. Players need to fly around and land on other player character’s heads to kill them and score points. I was the designer and programmer on this project and also created some of the art and sound assets. The game was created in 3 months during 2003 using the Torque Game Engine.

Prosper Electron

This was my first contract to develop a computer game. The game was based on the “Prosper” boardgame. I made it in 2002 using DirectX and C++ (Visual Studio 6).


This was one of my first DirectX based games, making use of DirectDraw and coded in C++. Developed in 2001 it was basically another Tetris clone but to make it interesting I added these little characters which could be killed by dropping blocks on them. If you left them alone long enough they would turn red and start breaking down your blocks and make it harder to create complete lines.

Bog’s World

Another side scroller with similar game mechanics to Peter Block, but rather than blocks, Bog had to pick up big rocks and use it to kill critters and break pointy things which would make the red water come out. This was made in 2000 using DJGPP C++ and the Allegro 2D game library.


This was my first Windows game (it still works, even on Windows 7). It is a very simple game but I created it to learn how to program for Windows. It was one of those games where a photo gets all scrambled up and you have to move the pieces around until the picture it fixed. You where scored by how many times you moved. The game was made in 1998 using Object Pascal en Borland Delphi.

Tetris Clone

Guess the name says it all, who does not know and love Tetris. This was a clone I made of the famous game, using Pascal and Assembler during 1997.


This was a game of match the colours. A set of 3 coloured blocks would drop down from the top and the player could rotate between the colours and try end up placing the set such that the colours in it could line up with 3 other blocks of the same colour. This game was made in Pascal around 1997.

Peter Block

After MasterMinder came Peter Block and even a few versions to follow. Peter Block 1 and 2 where created in Pascal (with some assembler for version 2) during 1996 and 1997. Peter Block 3 was created in C and compiled with DJGPP a port of free GPLed GNU C/C++ compiler; this was also the first time I used the awesome Allegro 2D game library. Peter Block was a little side scroller puzzle game where you had to move blocks around to get over obstacles and reach the end of the level.


Developed during 1996 and ran on DOS. This was the 3rd game I created and was based on a toy. The idea was to guess the colours that the computer picked, but you had a limited number of chances and scored less the more time you guessed wrong. As with all my early games, this one too was created with Pascal and compiled using Borland Turbo Pascal.

Even older

Sadly I do not have the very first two games I’ve created, so I could not take screenshots. They where made in Pascal around 1995 on an old 386 computer with a monochrome screen. The one was a side scrolling space shooter and in the other one you had this static canon on the ground and used it to shoot down alien ships, coming from the top of the screen, before they landed.


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