Castle Crunch

Platform(s): iPhone
Release Date: 2009
by Web and Circus SA

This was the first game I worked on for Web & Circus, in Cape Town.

Castle Crunch is all about family. And family feuds… Family feuds can be ugly. Especially if you are heir to a throne. Gloves comes off and in comes the catapults! Medieval style family crisis demands extra-ordinary measures!

Take back your land, castle by castle. Fight your nephew, your uncle, your aunt, your general, your advisor – fight ‘em all! And them some! Pick your fights wisely – it’s a big land, yet not quite big enough to share.

Upgrade your catapults and stones. Break your opponents castle’s gate to open for your hordes (well, just one, really – but, boy, is he handsome!) of knights to reap your reward and capture what’s left of the castle.


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