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UniRPG is a tool that will help you create Hack&Slash RPG type single player games in Unity.
The goal is to not only provide a starter kit but a tool with which to create a specific genre of game in Unity without doing any code scripting.

UniRPG, the Unity 3D RPG Maker


I can finally reveal what I’ve been doing the past few months :D

UniRPG, the Unity 3D RPG Maker

UniRPG is a tool that will help you create RPG, Hack&Slash, Action and Adventure type games in Unity. The goal is to provide a tool with which to create a specific genre of game in Unity 3D without doing any code scripting. Full source is provided and the system supports plug-ins when you need to do more or expand on the existing features.


MapNav update, v2.2


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I’ve update Tile Based Map&Nav to version 2.2.
This new version includes a sample of how it can be used with a dungeon crawler type game. There is also now an option to tell the path calculator to spend more movement points if a unit wants to move onto specific tiles, which can be useful lfor games where you might have units move normally over flat terrain but need to spend an aditional point when the unit wants to move onto a forest tile.

Battlemass 203


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Battlemass build 203 is now available on Desura.

Battlemass is a turn-based strategy game with both single-player and multi-player support. A match is played on a map consisting of tiles, and in turns of 3 phases – combat, harvest and build. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s Base/City Unit. One of the cool features of the game is that you harvest the map/board’s tiles for resources but in the process destroy the tiles, and any unit on such a tile.

The new build includes a totally rewritten multiplayer mode and a new game server which performs way better than the old version. There are now also a Tutorial to help you learn how to play the game, Singleplayer and Hot-Seat modes. The game rules have been tweaked to provide for quicker matches and better experience overall.

Map & Nav v2


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The Tiles Based Map & Nav package, available on Unity Asset Store, has been updated to version 2. Map & Nav will help you get started with a game where you need a tile based grid system. This is especially useful for strategy games and board games.

The new version has been re-written to be more generic and now supports not only hexagon tile layouts but also square grids. The tools for creating and editing the grids has also been improved.

Feature list …

* Full source code
* Hexagon and Square tile layouts
* Tools to quickly create new layouts/maps
* Custom inspector and Editor windows
* Easy setup of ’tile-type masks’ (ex. land, water, wall, etc)
* iOS/Android supported
* Sample of using walls, water, land and air tile types
* Sample unit movement and combat (land, air and water units)
* Sample unit movement and attack range markers
* Sample camera setup with follow, move, rotate and tilt


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